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How to create Wi-Fi HotSpot with your USB Data Card/Internet Connection…

How to create Wi-Fi HotSpot with your USB Data Card/Internet Connection…

With USB internet datacards (3G/4G) very popular these days, there is a high chance that you have one too for your mobility needs. Although, that does provides you with ability to get connected on your laptop but what about your Wi-fi iPad & other similar devices you may want to use too  in your hotel room or want to share your internet connection with other visitors/colleaques in a meeting room. The are numerous scenarios where you may want to share your internet connection and here is how you can do it…

Software Routers

Connectify ( is a software router that lets you wirelessly share your internet connection with friends, colleaques and your other wi-fi enabled mobile devices. All you need is Windows 7 with Wi-Fi card or adaptor. Download the Lite/Pro version of the software from the connectify website.
















Once you have configured the hotspot, you can now find it on the available wireless link on your other devices.
















Although I could connect my iPhone to the newly created Wi-Fi Connection, however the Internet Connection was not enabled for some reason. After doing some troubleshooting, I noticed that the original connection which I chose for sharing the connection was not enabled to allow the other network users to connect through it’s Internet Connection

For Enabling that goto – Control Panel –> Network and Sharing Center –> Chose the Original Connection with Internet Connection (Click on the Connections ) & Open the Connection Properties –> Sharing (as shown below)





 2) Also check your Firewall if that is prohibiting Connection with the Device. Make sure that firewall is not blocking this. To verify quickly, disable your firewall and try connecting from the device again. If it’s connects successfully, it is the firewall which may be blocking the connection. Goto Firewall settings and allow the connection. Check your firewall documentation to check how to do that.


Hardware Routers

Before trying the Software Router, I already had a Portable Wireless Travel Router device which allowed me to plug-in my 3G Data card and create the hotspot to be used with my iPad & other visitors if office and meeting places. There are several devices available from various manufacturers & links below shows some of the ones you can buy from internet.










ZOOM 3G Wireless-N Travel Router –


ZOOM 3G Wireless-N Travel Router –


XyXEL Mobile Wireless Router 3G/4G Ready —


Please visit product websites for more details.



  1. Mr. Piyush, Your approach that knowledge multiplies when shared is an excellent thinking and thanks for that.

  2. Manjunath says:

    Good information. I use and it doesn’t need even installation. Its an online tool that can be used to share the internet connection from your laptop.
    the same settings as you showed in troubleshooting needs to be done to enable internet sharing..


  3. Anoop Narayanan says:

    Thanks Piyush, that was an excellent idea for users who would like to share the internet among multiple devices.

    I also would like to add another method of creating a hosted network in Windows 7 environment without the use of third party Software or Hardware.

    1. Open Command Prompt with Administrative Rights.

    2. Type the command without quotes ‘netsh wlan set hosted network mode = allow ssid = demo key = demo12345’

    In place of ‘demo’ you can type the name of the wireless connection that you want and ‘demo12345’ can be replaced with the key or pass phrase.
    This will only support WPA2-PSK as the encryption method.

    3. Then type ‘netsh wlan start hosted network’

    This will start your wireless network and this you can verify in Network Connections Window. There a new Wireless Connection can be seen which uses Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter.

    4. Right click on the internet connection which you see in the Network Connection window.

    5. Go to Properties, click on the Sharing tab, and enable the Internet Connection Sharing as described above.

    6. Now you can see the Wireless Connection ‘demo’ in every wireless devices and can also access the shared internet.

  4. Can this work on Windows XP desktop?

  5. i cant connect my ipad i808 data card,can u solve my problem..when i connect my ipad,it becomes blu screen..

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